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As filmmakers and scriptwriters, we see Magus Films as a home for scripts and cinematic approaches that can and want to cross borders in several ways. With a focus on topics that arise from migration-related social circumstances and against the background of modern, multiethnic societies and their everyday struggles,

Dren Zherka


After he gathered experience in film at home in Kosovo in 2003 he moved to New York. Since 2007 he is living in Berlin. Studied film directing at Filmarche in Berlin besides studying European Ethnology at Humboldt University. "EHO" was his debut feature film in 2016, that went on to win the Silver Zenith in First Films Category in Montreal World Film Festival and was shown in several festivals like Mumbai Film Festival, Hofer Filmtagen, Prifest, and Durban International, among others. 

we concentrate on stories that deal creatively and challenge genre conventions, standardized narrative methods and ready-made plot structures or have the courage to leave these behind in favor of new, unique perspectives and film experiences.


Ingo Lehmann

Following his first experiences in short films he studied Media (minor subjects: German and English Literature, European Ethnology, Cultural Administration) in Kiel and„Cinéma et Audiovisuel“ in Paris. It followed different film works, the participation in other film- and TV-projects as well as the publication of articles and books in the field of film and media. In 2007 he earned a Master of Arts degree and moved to Cologne, where he works in different areas and positions of TV-production. Besides his work for TV he also writes and develops feature film screenplays.

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